How to Guide: Revamping of Exterior Walls/Plaster Repairs

Planning & Preparation

As with all work carried out planning and preparing your substrate is essential to ensure a high- quality finish.

  • The surface of application needs to be solid, consistent and clean from oil, grease and any other loose or contaminating materials which may inhibit adhesion. This can be done using a brush.
  • After cleaning the surface if any previously hidden problems come to light, then treat these first (for example: mould).

Before using Racem White always treat the surface with an application of Raprimer.


  • Check the information data sheets or instructions on R.A & Sons website for the correct mix for each product. In the case of Racem White, add approximately 5.5 to 6.0 L of clean water with every 25Kg bag of Racem White and mix well in a mixer by hand or mechanical mixer.
  • Apply with a trowel. Leave to dry for at least 48 hours depending on weather conditions and humidity.
  • Apply the Primer again and leave to dry before painting. Racem White is to be applied at a minimum thickness of 1cm and levelled with a long aluminium guide or spatula. Whilst still in he drying stage you can scratch the surface with the proper tools in order to prepare the surface for the application of finishing products such as tile glue.
  • Paint using one of our range of interior/exterior paints.


Always remember to use the right Primer for the right product:




R.A & Sons Products suitable for this task:


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