Rabitum Primer

Brand: RA&Sons

Water-based fixative primer, formulated with bitumen in water emulsion and special additives, with high dry content values. It blocks the dust and porosity of concrete surfaces. Promotes the adhesion of polymer bitumen membranes by granting a good anchorage. It has excellent adhesion and penetration on every dry concrete surface, but also on slightly damp surfaces. It is odourless, non-flammable, non-toxic and solvent free.

Surface Preparation

Make sure the surface is free from detached parts, loose debris or non adherent parts, coatings, rust, powder, disarming oils and carefully clean the surfaces so that they become sound and dry. Do not apply is bad weather is forecast as this could negatively influence the correct drying time.



RABITUM PRIMER can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Slightly mix before use. Dilute up to 20-25% of water

To clean the tools use common synthetic or nitrous diluents




  • At temperatures below +5°C
  • Application at extreme temperatures is to be avoided, both space and surface temperatures
  • To seal surfaces or containers suitable for edible liquids, drinking water or others

The polymer-bitumen membranes can be applied on the concrete, painted with the primer, only when the primer coat is perfectly dry.

The consumption is strongly influenced by the porosity and consequently by the absorption of the surface. The average consumption is of 100÷200 g/m² on metal surfaces, of 150÷300 g/m² on concrete.

Fluid Bituminous Primer with High Dry Content

Packaging & Storage

Safety Notice

Before using RABITUM PRIMER it is recommended to consult the safety product data sheet, available upon request

Technical Data

Brown (black once dry)
Shelf life in closed original container
12 months
Solid content (m/m at 130°C)
EN ISO 3251 (32÷36)%
Viscosity (flow time at 20°C, cup Φ 4mm)
EN ISO 2431 (16÷24) seconds
Density (at 20°C)
EN ISO 2811-1 (0,99÷1,05)Kg/L
Drying time
20÷40 minutes depending on thickness and specific site conditions
pH (at 20°C)
The data and statements in this information sheet refer to laboratory tests in our possession, conducted in standard environmental conditions. Practical applications on site according to these conditions of use may result in different data readings. Due to the wide variety of possible uses and applications, the end-users should independently determine the suitability of the material for their specific purpose prior to use. R.A. & SONS Manufacturing Ltd. reserves the right to make technical modifications of any kind without prior notice.

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