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As a company, our aim is to import a range of materials which complement our production line. We take pride in partnering exclusively with some world renowned brands who trust in us to be their local distributor here in Malta and Gozo.

We stock a vast array of brands tailor made for the construction and finishing Industries.

You’ll find all you need from building materials and paints to adhesives, rendering, plastering, and finishing materials, tools, waterproofing membranes and liquid membrane systems, insulation panels, tape, safety shoes, and a variety of solutions for your building needs.
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Mortars, Waterproofing, Plasticisers & Sealants


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Mortars, Waterproofing, Plasticisers & Sealants
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Plastic wrapping and Masking Tape
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Plaster and Plasterboard Profiles
Water Tanks and Cisterns
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Safety Shoes
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Internal Rendering
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High Quality Waterproofing Membrane
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