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RASHIELD is a high quality cementitious waterproofing system for balconies, terraces, flat roofs, swimming pools and wet rooms. RASHIELD’s two pack formula of acrylic copolymers and silica fibres when applied together with a fibreglass mesh gives a fully waterproof and flexible finish that conforms to European standard UNI EN 1504-3

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be duly cured, completely sound, clean, dry and dust free. Any surface contaminants like grease, oil and efflorescence must be removed in order to promote adhesion.



Pour the contents of component A into a large clean container. Slowly add the contents of component B and mix together with a paddle mixer on a low speed setting until a homogenous lump free mixture is obtained. Apply RASHIELD to the substrate with a trowel to a depth of no less than 2mm. Next place a fibreglass mesh directly over RASHIELD allowing the RASHIELD to completely cover the mesh. Make sure any additional layers of mesh overlap edge to edge by at least 100mm. Allow to harden for 12-24 hours. Apply the second layer of RASHIELD again to a minimum depth of 2mm.



Do not apply RASHIELD:

  • On surfaces that are excessively wet or damp
  • When temperatures are below +5°C and over +30°C
  • That has been diluted with water

Cementitious Elastic Membrane

Packaging & Storage

RASHIELD is supplied in 32Kg (24Kg powder 8Kg liquid) and can be stored up to 6 months in a cool dry place, in its original unopened packaging

Safety Notice

Before using RASHIELD it is recommended to consult the product safety data sheet available on request

Technical Data

Specific Weight
1450 Kg/m³
Pot Life
About 30 mins
Reaction to Fire
Class A1
Harmfulness as to CEE 88/379
VOC in Accordance with dir EU 2004/42/CE cat. A/j Two Pack Reactive Performance Coatings For Specific End Use Such As Floors
Initial Adhesion
Adhesion After Immersion In Water
Adhesion After Immersion in Water & Lime
Adhesion After Freeze/Thaw Cycles
Adhesion After Heat
Crack Bridging a + 20°Cn
Water Impermeability (1,5 bar)
No Penetration
Adhesion After Immersion in Water & Sodium Hypochlorite
The data and statements in this information sheet refer to laboratory tests in our possession, conducted in standard environmental conditions. Practical applications on site according to these conditions of use may result in different data readings. Due to the wide variety of possible uses and applications, the end-users should independently determine the suitability of the material for their specific purpose prior to use. R.A. & SONS Manufacturing Ltd. reserves the right to make technical modifications of any kind without prior notice.

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