Repairing Damaged Walls

How to Repair Damaged Walls

(due to leaks or other problems)

Step by Step

Planning & Preparation

  • Lay out protective sheets to cover the floor and any nearby furniture
  • If the wall has become damaged by water infiltration, then make sure the source has been contained.
  • Before any repairs start the area needs to be dry. It is recommended for large areas for a dehumidifier to be used. Time for it to dry varies, depending case to case on the scale of infiltration.
  • Thorough preparation is key to achieving a good finish. Be sure to clean the area well and remove any loose parts, dust, grease or any surface contaminants like salt efflorescence. Remove any loose plaster or flaky paint.
  • If sanding plaster be sure wear to wear protective goggles and a dust mask.
  • When mixing or applying plaster, wear safety goggles, a dust mask and protective gloves.
  • Mold and algae growth must be treated with RASAN before RAPRIMER is used.
  • Always test RAPRIMER on a small area first to check compatibility issues.
  • Prime the area well using RAPRIMER on a max 1:3 dilution


After 12 hours curing, Premac 116 (Gipsos based plaster for interior) available from R.A & Sons Ltd) is to be used to repair the wall. When dry, the wall must be levelled.

Next, apply the RAFIN Plus (finatura) in a very thin layer. Mix the product until creamy and then allow it to stand for 5 minutes, remix thoroughly and then the plaster is ready to apply. Lightly wet the surface before application. RAFIN plus should be mixed with a paddle mixer in a clean bucket, using approx 8-9 litres of clean water per 25kg bag.

Primers and Paints

  • Next day prime the area well with RAPRIMER 1:3 dilution and when dry apply the final indoor paint in two coats.

R.A & Sons Manufacturing produces a whole range of interior paints:

Please feel free to ask for the colour chart.

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